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A Great Night!

Dear Parents and Students,

Wow - what a night! The Silent Auction and Dinner on October 17th was a resounding success. The food was yummy, the magician magical, and the auction items were fantastic!  Numbers aren't in yet but the Parent Committee have smiles on their faces. As well as a big sigh of relief as the one and only fundraiser is over for the entire year! The organization, work, and overwhelming donation of time by those who put on this event and the use of Buffet Royale by the Werenka family is - well - truly amazing. We are blessed to have such a caring and dedicated group of parents in our school community!

As numbers are made available the Ministik Parent Council will update us.

Part of the money used from this fundraiser is to have Artists in Residence like Renee Englot come to our school to work one on one with our students. Thursday, October 23rd the Kindergarten students will be presenting to their parents they work they have been doing. On Friday, grades 2-6 will providing a presentation to their parents starting in period 7.

Charlene Folkinga will be back doing art classes with the students and AB Opera will be coming to the school to present Rumpleskilskin with the aid of some of our students! Some of the many enhanced learning opportunities this one night of community togetherness and generosity brings to our students.

Bill Suter


Student/Teacher/Parent Conferences October 2014

Interviews are scheduled for October 28th and 29th from 4 - 7 pm.

To set up a conference with your child(ren)’s teacher(s) please go to, and enter the event code EV456. If you have any difficult or do not have the internet, please call Mrs. Bachman at the school and she will assist you. 

Remember these are ‘Intervention Interviews’ held one month before report cards are issued. This is an excellent opportunity to receive an early heads-up on your child(ren)’s progress.


Ministik News Updates

News updates are sent to parents by email as needed to keep parents up to date with regular information and upcoming events. They are available in our document section of the website or click on the quick link below for the most recent:

2014 10 06 News Update

2014 10 08 News Update

2014 10 21 News Update


Emergency Preparedness

Elk Island Public Schools has a document relative to emergency preparedness posted on their website. Here is a direct link to that document for parents:


Minutes from the Latest School Council Meeting

To view the latest minutes of the Ministik School Council and School Association meetings click here:

2014 09 16 School Council Minutes

Previous minutes can be viewed in the documents section under the "About Us" tab.

The next Parent Association Meeting will be on Tuesday, September 16th.

Student Transportation

If you have any questions about bussing please call EIPS Student Transportation at 780 417 8151. This is especially important if you have an inquiry early in the day. Our office does not officially open until 8:30; Student Transportation has operators on the phone lines starting at 7:00AM.

Please note if your child is not going to ride the bus, there is no need to contract Student Transportation. The bus will arrive at its scheduled time and if the student(s) are not on the bus, the bus shall just carry on. Should your children not be riding for a significant amount of time (ie. Vacation, Medical Issues) it may be helpful to send your driver’s a note.




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Report Cards

Information on your child's Outcomes-Based Report Card is available on the Parent's Page


News Updates

News Updates


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